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Your Clients May Hold the Key to Better Local Placement

As many attorneys are aware, word of mouth referrals are an essential part of building a law firm. In fact, this classic marketing practice can help your law firm rank better for local search results like Google Places.

Google looks at customer reviews much like they look at links for your regular search engine placement. Of course, with the Google Places listings and search engine results being merged together last year, your law firm will need both to achieve a high page one ranking.

When a profile has many reviews, it acts as verification of the listing’s credentials. That essentially tells Google that the law firm name, address, and phone number are correct and the firm is actively doing business. Such verification gives credibility to the firm, thus a high quality rating. In fact, with Google’s goal being verification of credentials, not all reviews have to be good. This is a quantity game.

While (more…)

Lawyers Looking Beyond Pay Per Click to Paying for Views

Many attorneys use pay-per-click marketing to get traffic to their websites, but others are now seeing the advantages of pay-for-eyes marketing. CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is where your banner advertisements are displayed on contextually relevant websites. Rather than paying every time someone clicks on the ad, you pay a certain amount of dollars per 1,000 impressions (views).

An impression takes place when a website visitor sees your ad. You can specify regions just like PPC marketing so that only users in your city see your banners.

For example, say a law firm in San Antonio, Texas, pays for a CPM campaign to promote using their firm for divorce and family law matters. Visitors may be reading an article related to family law on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, but if that visitor is in San Antonio, they may see the firm’s advertisement. The firm may pay $3 to $50 per 1,000 impressions (more…)

How Online Law Firm Marketing is Different than Advertising

Law firms that want to grow and expand must have a legal marketing strategy in place. Having a marketing strategy and paying for advertising are really two different things. In some markets, you may need both, but you must strike a balance.

What is legal advertising?
Legal advertising is much like throwing a net out in hopes that clients will swim into it and be reeled into your office. Advertising mediums such as outdoor advertising (billboards), television ads, radio spots, and even online banners can prove to be effective ways of building name recognition and attracting new clients.

The exposure your firm will receive from such advertising mediums will help extend your brand to your community. Running a couple television spots during the early evening “Seinfeld” and “Family Guy” reruns for a week might give you a couple phone calls, but you will not see any real return on your advertising dollars until your (more…)

Opening Your Website Layout Can Get More Clients and Improve Law Firm Marketing ROI

The layout of your law firm’s website is a crucial element in converting your visitors to new cases. As the Internet has evolved since the early ’90s, website styles have changed dramatically.

You make your law firm’s website easy to navigate by keeping up with current web design trends. For example, users are used to seeing phone numbers at the top right of their screens. Making sure your number is positioned at the top right of your website makes locating your contact number intuitive to the user.

Web design trends often change due to hardware advances. In the ’90s, most Internet users were using 13-inch big square box CRT monitors. You probably remember having to buy a bigger desk to make room for the 3 square feet necessary to upgrade to a 17-inch monitor.

As most users are now on LCDs, which are cheaply available in sizes of 19 to 30 inches, your (more…)

Firms Shifting Yellow Page Dollars to Online Law Firm Marketing

It is a puzzle as old as currency and trade. Reducing expenses to maximize profitability. While some law firms do this by utilizing virtual office space and allowing attorneys to work from home, others go straight to the largest piece of the expense pie, law firm marketing.

Integrating a complete online marketing strategy has helped many law firms shave $50,000 to $100,000 off of their annual marketing expenses. This is often done by taking money currently spent on Yellow Page advertisements and placing a percentage of that into a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Here are a few things to look for in an effective online marketing strategy:

1) Performance Oriented Web Design – Your website is going to be an interactive resource for your potential clients. You can customize a large website or utilize a less expensive Semi-Custom Website, but ultimately you need something that is of noticeably high quality. Visitors can easily detect (more…)

A New Design Can Yield Your Firm New Cases

Being found on the web is certainly half the battle, but nobody wins a local marketing war by completing 50 percent.

Once those searching for a lawyer in your area find your firm’s website, they have to click on it. This requires drafting a website description that encourages the user to click on your website. Once they decide to click on your website, it is time get them on the phone and/or in your email inbox.

Most law firms that contact us looking to improve their rankings by a small percentage are already on the first page of Google and other search engines. While they may have the rankings, these firms are not getting the leads.

If your law firm’s website has high rankings and low lead generation, you may have a design problem.

What Makes a Good Design?

When analyzing your law firm marketing, good and bad web design is not subjective. What makes a (more…)

How to Audit Your Law Firm Marketing Company

With tax day a few weeks behind us, it is once again safe to say the A-word that strikes fear in the heart of every American taxpayer. Audit. Fear not, we will not be questioning your “business trip” to the Bahamas or your fishing boat named “Office” for which your business must buy many “Office supplies”. Nor will we look into the validity of your country club being a “professional association”. This week we are auditing your online law firm marketing company. Here are the questions for you to ask.

Are You Building Links to My Law Firm’s Website?

The operative word is “building”. Some marketing companies place your website in a network of directories, websites, blogs, etc., that they previously establish relationships with. Certainly there is nothing wrong with that, unless they are charging you a monthly fee to link build when there is no monthly link building taking place.

Show Me a (more…)

A Weekly Routine that Can Help Your Legal Marketing

Things are always changing with the law. Be it new case law, political influence in your practice area, or public opinion due to a high profile case, as a lawyer, you always have something of interest up for discussion.

A way to capitalize on this is to set aside 15 to 20 minutes a week to write a blog entry. Writing blog entries will add fresh relevant content to your website on a weekly basis and make the website more personal. When an attorney at a firm routinely writes on the blog, it shows the visitors that the lawyer is an active part of the law firm and the law firm is aware of current events.

Since your blog entry is posted on your website, you do not have any third party rules to follow. It could be as little as 200 words and as long as 20,000 words. A blog entry of (more…)

Law Firm Marketing – Building a Brand

In the race to the top of the search engines, many law firms tend to overlook one very important element of their marketing campaigns. The powering of branding.

Law firms should look at their logo as the face of their law firm. It should represent what they are about and connect with their target clientele on some level. A custom logo for your law firm will help you stand out from the all too common “Name, Name & Associates” written across the scales of justice.

Even with online marketing, a logo is a powerful tool. When potential clients are clicking through the search engine listings, they may select multiple websites to review. It is important that not only your website stands out, but your overall brand, as well. The look and feel of your logo should be unique and consistent throughout all of the firm’s marketing literature.

Let’s Build a Bigger Law Firm Together

To (more…)

What You Can Learn from Large Law Firms

The legal industry is not dissimilar to other industries. The larger entities in the field have a competitive advantage due to their size and accessibility to resources. However, if you are competing against large law firms, you should be happy to know that you can do something to your website that large firms do to maintain search engine superiority.

Every change that Google makes to its algorithm sends a message loud and clear. Google wants content. Not only does it want content, it wants quality meaningful content. On top of that, if you are willing to provide a library filled with unique meaningful content, the Google algorithm is prepared to reward your efforts with better placement. Of course, you also need a strong link building effort, but quality content also encourages unsolicited inbound links. In short, quality content should be at the center of your online law firm marketing goals.

Large law firms (more…)