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A Legal Marketing Tip from Sigmund Freud – Podcast

When marketing your law firm, you have to stand out and have some sort of symbolism that your target audience can connect to your law firm. SEO | Law Firm’s law firm marketing podcast discusses how Freudian techniques and other recommendations can help make your marketing more memorable and attract more clients.

Why Flash and Your Law Firm May Need to Separate

There was a time when Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) was the web’s future. Its ability to put moving objects, presentations and animations on a website made it an industry standard.

Many law firms embraced the technology by having their entire websites made in Flash. Thinking it would help keep the attention of their web visitors, they had slider effects, digital sounds, and flashy transitions. Unfortunately, Google and other search engines were blind to it.

As we fast forward to the present, Flash is all but obselete. In a few unique cases, a small Flash element may still be needed in a header if the design is uniquely shaped but for the most part, Ajax and HTML 5 have taken its place.

If your website is running Flash, here are a few things to know:

1) Make sure your Flash element is only used by a small piece of your website and that (more…)

The City Targeted Law Firm Marketing Plan – Podcast

SEO | Law Firm’s law firm marketing podcast discusses how your city-targeted keyphrases play a big role in your Google search engine rankings. They are also very important to use to attract a targeted client base and get more exposure for your law firm.

Repair or Replace Your Law Firm’s Website

A lot of law firms are frustrated when they find out that the website they just built cannot be optimized. It seems as if the time and money that was put into the site was all for nothing.

Sometimes it is better (and costs less money) to start over with a new website that is built by the same company that is going to market it. However, if you have the right elements in place, you might be able to keep the website you have and move forward with a powerful search engine marketing plan.

Content Management System – Does your current website give you the ability to login and make minor changes yourself? Is it easy to do and easy to train staff members on how to use? If not, you might be able to keep your design but simply have it converted to a friendly, content management system.

Dinosaur or Dynamic (more…)

Sell Your Clients the Life They Want to Have

Among the many challenges that law firms have to deal with is, of course, growth. Lawyers spend millions of dollars on marketing every year in an effort to get new clients. From billboards, to television, radio, and the Internet, law firms are spending money to accomplish one thing – to build a bigger law firm.

Unfortunately, many firms spend their law firm marketing dollars on ad campaigns that look the same as every other attorney’s advertisements in their region. To quickly catch the eye of a new client you have to look different.

Think for a moment about products and services you buy. Think about the advertisements that you watch and read. If Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Infiniti said the same thing in their advertisements but simply had a different logo, what sort of impression would that make? This is the same impression prospective clients get when seeing the same words (more…)