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The City Targeted Law Firm Marketing Plan

Your practice region is the location or locations where you practice law. It may be something that you do not usually think about except when determining your keyphrases. So take some time to focus on how expansive you want your practice region to be.

At first, you may think at the state level. This is appropriate if you live in Connecticut or any other state where the two opposite corners are only 120 miles apart.

However, in a state like Texas, California, Colorado, Florida, and so on, you probably want to stick to your metro area unless you have offices to serve the entire state. Plus, the state may actually get less search traffic.

To give you an example, we will use the rather popular practice area of bankruptcy. Then we will pick the fifth most populated state, Illinois. Using the Google keyword tool, we will demonstrate the difference in search volume between state (more…)

Tips To Improve Google Rankings With Multiple Lawyer Offices in Google Places – Podcast

SEO | Law Firm’s podcast discusses ways to improve natural search engine rankings with a law firm’s Google Places listing, especially when the law firm has multiple offices and practice areas.

A Legal Marketing Tip from Sigmund Freud

A logo is the face of every company and your law firm is certainly no different. If you think your face should be your law firm’s logo, you should reconsider.

An estimated 65 percent of the United States population is made up of visual learners, which shows that people interpret the world in visual ways more than they read text. Therefore, 65 percent of the population remembers graphics and imagery more than textual data. When you want to make an impression, you have to use symbolism.

For thousands of years, civilizations, societies, secret orders, and religions have all used symbolism to communicate with the public and followers.

In fact, historical psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both agree that the mind has a unique capacity to store symbolic information. Basically, we all think with symbols and imagery, not words. So even the 35 percent who are classified as textual learners still (more…)

Targeting a Niche Clientele Offers Search Engine Optimization Benefits

We use Google as a standard in search engine optimization because their ranking algorithm is the most stable, relevant, and widely used. Claiming more than 80 percent of North American search queries each month, Google is the standard we use to do search engine marketing.

Google is interested in showing only the most relevant, high-quality websites for each search query. If people search for something on Google and messy, obnoxious websites always show up first, Google loses its credibility. However, if they show quality, clean, easy to navigate, highly relevant websites then they will continue to dominate the search engine market.

If Google is looking at two websites side by side to determine which website is the most relevant for the keyphrase “Chicago divorce lawyer”, which of the following examples would you choose?

Website 1:
Law firm name: The Chicago Family Law Firm
First headline on website: Chicago Divorce Lawyers
Second headline on website: Your divorce, (more…)

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SEO | Law Firm’s podcast discusses the benefits of videos on lawyer websites and tips to make them a valuable part of a firm’s legal marketing strategy.

What Images Tell Your Prospective Clients

When developing your law firm’s website, a lot of emphasis is put on design, layout, and graphics but the images you use can set a tone for your visitors too. The right tone can improve conversion, while the wrong one can chase visitors away.

Aside from photographs of staff lawyers, your website will probably use stock imagery. Such images are purchased (generally) under a royalty-free license. This means that you pay for the image and may use it indefinitely for that one media source (your website). Stock imagery license fees should be bundled into your overall design costs unless you are seeking high-value licenses or limited licenses that need to be maintained.

When selecting a picture for your site, think about the mood it sets. Avoid generic imagery if possible. For example, a divorce lawyer should not use a picture of two characters yelling at each other. That is the experience the client (more…)

Autumn is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Legal Marketing

As the humidity vanishes from the air and the leaves begin to change, lawyers should also look at their legal marketing strategy. What you do in the next three months can lay the foundation for a stronger 2012 with a fresh marketing plan.

A strong marketing strategy will more than likely begin with a new website. A custom or semi-custom website has a month or so of development time required before launching. This means that if you want to see results before next summer, you need to begin now.

The other side of online marketing is preparing for what will change. The fact that Google throws a curve ball each year into their algorithm makes change an expected part of search engine marketing.

What Should Your New Marketing Strategy Look Like?

1) Think Local – The most important element in a metropolitan lawyer’s marketing plan is Google Places. Many of our marketing plan changes (more…)