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Brief Videos Work Best on Law Firm Websites

When we talk about a content based strategy for law firm marketing, we also mean video content.

Videos offer a number of advantages to your firm’s marketing strategy. You can explain various details about your practice area(s) to your website videos as well as build links back to your website with videos on YouTube and other viral video channels.

What makes your videos effective or not will all come down to content. How valuable are the videos you are producing?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when producing videos as a part of your legal marketing strategy.

1) Keep it Short – Your firm will be better served with a library of 10-12 short videos rather than a couple of long videos. You want to answer common questions that someone that has never hired an attorney would want to know. Some examples may include, “What happens to my home in a (more…)

The Future of Legal Marketing is in Mobile Lawyer Websites – Podcast

Smartphones are widely used by potential clients and your law firm should embrace a mobile site to attract them. Large graphics, contact forms, and user-friendly features are a must to ensure your mobile site is functional for mobile users.

Multiple Lawyer Offices Have an Advantage in Google Places

Since Google merged the Google Places (formerly Google Local) listings with the natural search engine listings last October, lawyers have been heavily focused on improving their local placement.

In order to achieve a page one ranking for a popular regional term, your law firm must have a substantial ranking in Google Places and a well-optimized website. Regionally targeted markets need both to get a high ranking in Google.

To maximize the benefit of your Google Places profile, you need to have pictures, videos, and an optimized profile. Plus, you will need to round up a handful of happy clients and get them to write reviews about your law firm. But, there is one thing that Google’s terms allow law firms to do that can increase their exposure that many firms are not aware of.

If your law firm has multiple attorneys, you can create one Google Places profile for the law firm (more…)

Large Legal Marketing Firms Lack Agility in a Changing Industry – Podcast

Large legal marketing firms lack agility in a changing industry. You need an online marketing firm that can change or add to their SEO strategy within a couple weeks when something changes in Google’s algorithm.

What it Takes for Your Law Firm to Be Number One

Every week (with the exception of a few federal holidays) we talk about various ways that lawyers can help their law firms grow using online marketing techniques. This week, we are going to talk about the way you think about law firm marketing.

Lawyers all across the country keep our phone lines active every day. From small firms in rural areas to multi-location firms across several major metro areas, we get calls that range from basic questions to some that require a little extra research. When we talk about what it takes to get on the first page of Google, some firms do not have the time to put in a lot of effort. To get to a page one ranking requires a continuous stream of press releases, an active blog, a large information centered website, and a design that is built around conversion. Sometimes we get a response from firms (more…)