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Large Legal Marketing Firms Lack Agility in a Changing Industry

When looking for a marketing partner for your law firm, you probably come across half a dozen firms that say they specialize in law firm marketing. From giant publishing companies that dabble in web marketing in an attempt to stay relevant to directory based solutions offered by conglomerates, should we mention these firms by name you are sure to recognize them.

We have acquired quite a few clients from these institutions over the years. While a few may have had a customer service issue or a problem with their account manager, that was rarely the cause for moving to a new marketing company. The main reason law firms jump from big marketing companies is because they realize that the market changes daily, and the big companies’ size prohibits them from evolving fast.

You need an online marketing firm that can change or add to their SEO strategy within a couple weeks when something (more…)

The Future of Legal Marketing is in Mobile Lawyer Websites

Ten years ago, some forward-thinking companies began embracing mobile website application. They developed small text, limited design layouts to make their websites accessible on the newly available Internet-enabled mobile phones.

However, these applications were unattractive, hardly functional, and navigating a website on a traditional cellular phone was awkward at best.

Now that smartphones are becoming commonplace and are able to render websites with the same standards as mainstream browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, your law firm should embrace what is sure to take over the legal marketing industry – a mobile website.

Even though your website is going to look the same on an Android or iPhone as it does on your computer, it will not be easy to navigate. Websites are designed to be wide, use large graphics, have at least two columns, and assume that the end user has a mouse. When you cram in a drop-down menu, (more…)

What Makes a Law Firm Marketing Plan Comprehensive?

Whenever you look for solutions, some online law firm marketing company is saying that they have a comprehensive marketing plan. A complete solution. A one-stop-shop formula for success. You get the point. In fact, you may be working with one of these companies right now. But what is comprehensive?

For starters, a website is not comprehensive. Your law firm’s website is the starting point of your marketing strategy. A very important one, but just the beginning.

From Design to Doing

The design of your law firm’s website can positively or negatively effect your conversion rate. How you present your firm, the simplicity of which someone can contact you from your website, and the way your images and graphics touch your prospective clients all work together to make an effective website. So a first class website built to impress and convert should certainly be a part of a comprehensive strategy.

Once a website is (more…)

The Right Way for Lawyers to Use Videos

Videos have become a strong part of the online law firm marketing strategy. They are helpful to your website visitors, and also provide valuable links back to your firm’s website. But what you film and how you play it can determine the success of your videos.

What to Film

Information sells. You want web content that is informative and answers some basic questions that your potential clients may have. You want your videos to do the same. A video should never be more than two minutes, and should always provide answers to the common questions. For example, if you are a bankruptcy attorney, you should briefly explain the various bankruptcy options and who they are for. Divorce attorneys can give a brief outline of how a contested and non-contested divorce will proceed.

If you have multiple attorneys in your firm, have each one talk about whatever they primarily practice. The videos will show that (more…)