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Converting Your Law Firm Website Visitors to Cases

Search engine placement is a vital part of your online law firm marketing campaign. If potential clients cannot find you, it makes it difficult for them to contact your firm.

However, once you are getting visitors to your website, it is time to focus on conversion.

Conversion simply means converting a visitor (a stranger) to someone that contacts your firm via a form, or calls to set up a consultation. Here are a few tips to improve your website’s conversion rate.

1) Top Right Textual Phone Number – People tend to look at the top right of a website for contact information. Place your law firm’s phone number at the top right of every page on your website and make sure it is not concealed in an image. With many visitors searching for lawyers with their smart phones, you have an added advantage by keeping your phone number plain text. Most Android devices and (more…)

Think Big for Your Law Firm Website Strategy

Lawyers frequently tell us that they don’t want a big website, they just want something small and well ranked in the search engines. However, Google prefers something different.

Websites are ranked based on Google’s analysis of their credibility. Google’s algorithm is designed to detect elements that users want to see so that, theoretically, if Google likes the website, users will too. With the addition of Google +1 and the company’s demand for unique content, it would seem that they are not thinking small.

When planning out your website, you should try to think of some innovative ways to get as much content as possible on the website. Just throwing a handful of predictable articles and practice areas online will simply not do. You need useful content. You need content that your audience will appreciate so much that they will hit that +1 button on your website, or Tweet about it, or plug it (more…)

Law Firm Marketing Strategy Should Come Before Your Website Plan

Far too often, law firms focus entirely on their websites with the marketing strategy being an afterthought. For the best performance, you should lay out your online law firm marketing plan before creating a plan for your website.

Any online legal marketing strategy comes down to getting traffic to your website and phone calls to your firm. Not just any visitor will do – you need qualified traffic. While your search engine placement may come to mind, the visitors to your new website will come from various sources, Google being one of many.

Think of Google as three different traffic sources. First, you have traffic from Google’s traditional search results. This is what generally comes to mind when one thinks of search engine optimization. Second, traffic will come from Google Places. These are listed associated with the map and oftentimes are displayed along with your natural ranking. Your Google Places ranking will help (more…)