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Law Firm Marketing – Building a Brand

In the race to the top of the search engines, many law firms tend to overlook one very important element of their marketing campaigns. The powering of branding.

Law firms should look at their logo as the face of their law firm. It should represent what they are about and connect with their target clientele on some level. A custom logo for your law firm will help you stand out from the all too common “Name, Name & Associates” written across the scales of justice.

Even with online marketing, a logo is a powerful tool. When potential clients are clicking through the search engine listings, they may select multiple websites to review. It is important that not only your website stands out, but your overall brand, as well. The look and feel of your logo should be unique and consistent throughout all of the firm’s marketing literature.

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What You Can Learn from Large Law Firms

The legal industry is not dissimilar to other industries. The larger entities in the field have a competitive advantage due to their size and accessibility to resources. However, if you are competing against large law firms, you should be happy to know that you can do something to your website that large firms do to maintain search engine superiority.

Every change that Google makes to its algorithm sends a message loud and clear. Google wants content. Not only does it want content, it wants quality meaningful content. On top of that, if you are willing to provide a library filled with unique meaningful content, the Google algorithm is prepared to reward your efforts with better placement. Of course, you also need a strong link building effort, but quality content also encourages unsolicited inbound links. In short, quality content should be at the center of your online law firm marketing goals.

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Gone in 30 Seconds – How Subtle Law Firm Marketing Can Save a Visitor and Create a New Lead

The violinist plays as the camera pans across a shiny black metallic surface. You see a closeup of a gentleman’s hand shifting gears. His bright white cuffs contrast the wood grain finish of the center console as just a glimmer of light reflects from his cuff links and briefly strikes the lens. Before the next scene shows the leather interior, you are already aware this is a luxury car.

Had the commercial started with “Buy this luxury car!” or “Feel like a million bucks!” the commercial would not be a success, nor would you feel the luxury that the car manufacturer wants you to experience. Your law firm’s website should rely on the same subtleties to help your visitors feel the emotion that will trigger a positive reaction.

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Getting People to Click on Your Firms Website from Google

A lot of law firm marketing gurus spend much of their time talking about ways to get law firms ranked high on the first page of Google. But what happens if you are already there and web traffic has not increased? Perhaps you need to make a compelling case to get someone to click on your website.

In the early years of search engine optimization, webmasters put a lot of emphasis on meta tags; the collection of title, keyword, and description tags that go in the code at the top of every webpage. While search engines have advanced far beyond meta tags, they still serve a valuable purpose. The title tag is still valuable to identify your keyphrases and the topic covered on each webpage. The keyword tag points out the keyphrases that should already be used within the webpage. And the description tag can help bring in web traffic.

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