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How Law Firm Marketing Will Change in 2011

As we approach a new year, we look at some of the technological changes and advancements that have been made in 2010 and how they will affect your 2011 law firm marketing strategy.

The most significant event that comes to mind is Facebook receiving more traffic than Google in the spring of 2010. This shows how important social networking is to any marketing strategy. With an audience that large, your firm must be positioned to succeed in social networks.

Also, news releases are more important now than ever before. We saw that as we launched Law Firm Newswire and watched our clients get hundreds of new visitors to their websites that they would otherwise not have reached.

Two things are going to be game changers in 2011 – Local and Mobile.

Local search results are becoming more and more popular. So much so that Google has placed more emphasis on the Google Places (formerly Google (more…)

Your 2011 Law Firm Marketing Wish List

This time of year is all about lists. Shopping lists, guest lists, and frantic last minute to-do lists. With so many things to do today, we thought we’d keep this week’s Legal Marketing Weekly brief with a Legal Marketing List of things you need to have in place next year.

1) Search Engine Rankings – Having a search engine optimization strategy in place will be absolutely necessary to grow your law firm in 2011. With Google merging Google Places with their normal rankings, your search engine optimization company is now going to have to position your website so that your Google Places profile appears prominently on the first page.

2) Get Networked – We said it last year and it is true for this year, you need social networks. If you would have established a Facebook and Twitter account this time last year, you would have a set of followers that would be (more…)

Get More Results by Spending Less on Legal Marketing – Podcast

Shrinking your law firm marketing budget may be the best way to increase your client base. This episode will give an example of how one lawyer expanded his office and saved $40,000 a year.

How Time Helps Optimize Your Legal Website

An aggressive online law firm marketing plan can pull your website to the first page of Google, drive traffic to your website, get social networks to notice you, and put your law firm’s name in the news. However, with time on your side, results come quicker.

First, we must point out that time will not replace the need for an aggressive optimization strategy. Many websites with a decade behind them are still lost in the deep pages of search results. But when you take an older domain name and properly optimize the content and build credible links pointing back to it, the results can be seen immediately.

Google’s algorithm is built to focus on one thing and one thing only. Quality. Google generates revenue through pay-per-click advertisers. In order to get companies to spend money advertising on Google, Google has to have a large searching audience. In order to get the large search (more…)