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Combining Long and Short Term Law Firm Marketing Strategies

The internet offers a variety of law firm marketing opportunities but they are not created equal. Some mediums offer instant results but require an ongoing variable expense that stops yielding results when you stop paying. Others require some patience with a long-term result.

If you want to avoid pay per click charges, then you need an alternative legal marketing strategy that combines search engine optimization with other media forms that will yield instant results. The best way to do this is to merge press releases with your search engine optimization strategy.

Press releases do two things – they get your name instantly in Google News, Topix, and other online news services which drive traffic to your website and they build links which helps with your long term search engine optimization goals.

For a news release (or press release) to drive traffic, it needs to relate to a popular topic. We often recommend political commentary (more…)

How Fewer Law Firm Marketing Dollars Can Go Further

As cliché as it may be, if an organization is not growing, it is dying. Most law firms rely on several forms of media for getting new cases. Those generally are referrals, print, mainstream media (TV/radio), and the Internet.

Hands down, any law firm marketing consultant will stress the value of referrals. They are most likely to convert to new clients and generally come with loyalty that is harder to earn with standard new leads. However, print, television, and radio are expensive compared to the free referral base and the considerably more affordable Internet marketing opportunities.

In order to build a bigger law firm while reducing your marketing expenses, you should encourage referrals within your local professional community and shift your marketing dollars to the Internet.

Earlier in the year, one of our local attorneys decided to drop the yellow pages and shift his legal marketing dollars to the web. Fed up with the (more…)

When You Have More Time to Build Your Law Firm

Practicing law is demanding. You have people depending on you, people who are in serious situations. Businesses who have millions of dollars on the line or children not knowing which home they will primarily reside in are all depending on you. All of these pressures certainly add up.

In the back of your mind, you keep thinking about growing your law firm. You considered advertising options, maybe requested a few quotes, but other things got in the way and you never moved forward.

Some of our clients originally contacted us one to two years before signing up. They received periodic updates from us and kept their original proposal, but marketing their law firm never quite made it to the priority list. While you are putting your law firm marketing future on hold, other competing law firms are wasting no time claiming dominance on the web.

While you wait, other law firms are building new (more…)

Taking Your Law Firm Marketing Mobile

Having a great looking website to attract new cases for your law firm is important. A clean, professional design that encourages calls and e-mails will serve your practice much greater than a thrown together templated freebie.

But what about the new media? The new form of communication? Though not so new, it is poised to rapidly take over the Internet one dial at a time. It is time to take your law firm mobile.

In December, we will be launching a mobile extension for law firm websites. Navigating your website from a computer is slightly different than navigating on a 5-inch Android, Blackberry, or iPhone screen. In order to tap (geeky pun intended) into this wireless market, your website needs to be easy to use and optimized for micro web surfing.

Coda Research has predicted that smartphone Internet usage is going to increase 40 times between now and 2015. That is not very far (more…)