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Everybody is Invited to Build a Bigger Law Firm

Our mission is simple and direct. Let’s Build a Bigger Law Firm Together. Why do you have a website? To build a bigger law firm. Why do you advertise your practice? Because you want a bigger law firm. Why would you ever entertain putting your law firm on Facebook? Because earlier this year, Facebook received more traffic than Google, and you want a bigger law firm.

Online law firm marketing is all about that one desire and tangible goal – building a bigger law firm. Many attorneys dream of hiring new lawyers, more staff, and rebuilding the economy by expanding their practices. What’s stopping you?

Last week, I was talking to an attorney who owns a small practice. She was concerned that her firm was too small to engage in an aggressive online marketing strategy. Is that true? Can a law firm be too small to market online? No.

I told this starting attorney, (more…)

Your Law Firm’s Page One Ranking via Social Networks

It’s hard not to hear about social networks, and you may very well be using one – possibly micro-blogging with everybody’s favorite light cornflower-blue avian character (Twitter), or connected with the soon-to-be-featured in a motion picture Facebook.

But social networking is so much more and has a lot to offer your law firm.

Everybody has heard of giants like Facebook and Twitter, but how many of you submit your blog entries to Digg? Allow your website visitors to send an article from your site to MSNBC’s Newsvine? Send your news to Yahoo Buzz? Google Buzz? Delicious? Mixx? Reddit? Looks like we have some work to do.

As many social networks stop allowing you to copy and paste full blog entries and articles into your profiles, posting links to blog entries already on your website will become the future of link building via social networks. Thus, every blog posted on your site is an opportunity (more…)

A New Lawyer Website May Not be Necessary for Search Engine Optimization

Law firms often make the mistake of hiring a web designer and looking for a separate search engine optimization company to take the new site to the top of the search engines. While not always a problem, it does cause a few issues.

A search engine optimization company is going to charge your law firm a base price to do the initial research and optimization. When stacked against your design and development cost, it’s almost always cheaper to use the same company for both, rather than two separate law firm marketing firms.

Content Management System
Not all content management systems are created equally. In fact, a lot of content management systems (or website editors) are not search engine optimization friendly. If your law firm website is not on an SEO friendly platform, it will have to be converted to one in order to have an effective online law firm marketing campaign.

It pays to work (more…)

Attorney Directories that Improve Search Engine Optimization and Law Firm Marketing

Earlier this year, we built the Find a Lawyer Directory. Certainly, we were not the first lawyer directory on the Web. However, our goal was never to be first but rather more innovative.

We felt that many legal directories did not offer the features that helped convert traffic to phone calls or offer quality inbound links. We built our directory with search engine optimization in mind, allowing hyperlinked keyphrases in the listings, video integration, Google Maps integration, and much more.

You can never have too many lawyer directory listings on the Web and at $25/month, the Find a Lawyer Directory is one that fits in any law firm’s budget.

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