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Who Watches the Watchers Monitoring Your Law Firm Marketing Efforts

To make sure your law firm’s search engine marketing is progressing, you need a team of people who will monitor your progress, check rankings, check traffic, and proactively work to get new cases to your firm.

But if nobody pays attention to the people who are supposed to be paying attention, how can you be sure anything is getting done?

When selecting your law firm marketing company, make sure you have a designated account manager. Someone who stays up-to-date on your law firm’s progress and knows what is going on. Someone who you can always call or email with questions short and long.

If you can’t get a hold of anybody at your legal marketing company and nobody is paying attention to what they are doing, it is a safe assumption that nothing is getting done.

After all, a good law firm marketing company will have staff that merges geeky technical brilliance with effective marketing (more…)

Lower Your Legal Marketing Expenses by Increasing Online Marketing – Podcast

Filling in for Sierra Winter, Jason Bland talks about ways to improve legal marketing in a slow economic period by using online marketing instead of traditional lawyer marketing.

The Science Behind a Higher Search Engine Ranking for Your Law Firm Website

Among the search engine optimization community that focuses on law firm marketing, there seems to be a trend leaning toward confusing language and over usage of acronyms that search engine marketing professionals use every day but lawyers do not.

While they may believe they are impressing their hopeful clients, in a way, they are defrauding them with confusion.

Let’s review the process in its most basic form.

Google is simply software. Though large, complex, and ever evolving, Google’s search engine is simply a program.

To make your lawyer website rank higher in this program (Google), you need a lot of content and strong inbound links from high quality websites. All website links matter to a degree, but others give your website a higher endorsement.

So a small blog with a few readers means something, but a major news site publishing your law firm’s news and linking to your website – that means a lot. A good (more…)

Is Your Law Firm Using the Microphone

As a law firm, you have to focus on winning the cases at hand, helping your current client base with a variety of issues while also ensuring that future cases will walk in to your office.

People and businesses that need legal representation are everywhere. They are at coffee shops using their Blackberry’s, Droids, and iPhones. They are at the office connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. They are on Google and Yahoo searching for answers to their legal questions.

Where are you?

The Internet is a giant speaker and you hold the microphone. Law firms used to be dependent on television advertisements that cast a wide net of generic recognition. Many attorneys used billboards on the interstate that costs thousands of dollars each month. Many small firms have paid phone books and Yellow Pages more money each year than they paid themselves. To grow your law firm, you have to think creatively and (more…)

Displaying Blog Entries on Your Law Firms LinkedIn Profile

Many law firms on LinkedIn do not realize that their legal blogs can be syndicated to their LinkedIn profile. In order for this to work, your law firm’s blog has to be based on WordPress or your blog will need to be hosted at

Simply log in to your LinkedIn profile and select the “LinkedIn WordPress” Application. Select “Add Application” then set your RSS feed URL. This is generally, If you are an existing client, just send your login information to your account manager and they will set everything up for you as a courtesy.

Otherwise, learn more at:

Remember, the most successful blogs are the ones that get read. Syndicate your blog wherever you can and honestly, what better location than LinkedIn?

To learn more about legal marketing, law firm marketing, and attorney websites visit or call 1.800.728.5306.

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