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Quite Possibly The Most Affordable Lawyer Website Ever

Your law firm’s brand is comprised of several elements – your law firm’s name, your firm’s logo, and possibly your slogan.

When designing your website, your designer should take into consideration the style, color schemes, and feeling that your brand instills. However, the market downturn and slow recovery are tightening the budgets of many law firms and some are making the mistake of putting off their online marketing goals.

Your law firm must be online and the website must be professional. Even if you predominately do traditional marketing, you have to have a website that converts those visitors into new cases. But now, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

In direct response to the changing economic environment, has created the Semi-Custom Lawyer Website, a complete website solution for $2,500.00.

Unlike other “template” solutions, the Semi-Custom Lawyer Website offers small law firms 14 unique designs (and growing). These designs are then customized (more…)

Why News Releases Are Important to Your Law Firm

The days of drafting stale press releases and sending them off to the local and national press are long over. The majority of the time, these releases were ignored unless your company was already large and recognizable.

Today, more people are replacing their newspaper with online news sources and this means your law firm can more easily connect with its audience.

By drafting news releases to communicate with your target audience, your firm gets to write interesting stories that can spark interest in the people and businesses your firm wants to attract. You can use masked case examples and really engage with your audience.

The old days of being dependent on a journalist picking up your story and giving your firm a favorable tone in the final article are long gone. By writing news releases and using online media, you can engage with your target clientele and completely control your message.

To learn more about (more…)

Your Law Firms Blog and Politics

When starting my first business nearly 12 years ago, I remember getting some solid advice from older members of the business community. The one that always seemed to stand out was “never mix business with religion and politics.”

That is generally sound advice but as a lawyer, you are in a unique predicament. Through all the bickering, fear mongering, and partisan wiles, politics comes down to the formation and interpretation of your product… the law.

Over the years, we have monitored the performance of the blogs that our law firm marketing clients contribute – and what we found was a little surprising. There is value in political commentary. This was true from both sides of the aisle.

In traditionally left-leaning areas of the law (personal injury and immigration), we found that blog entries that took on a political undertone related to their respective area of the law had higher levels of syndication, more direct (more…)

The Importance of Design in Law Firm SEO – Podcast

This episode covers the value of a professional design and how that design works with search engine optimization and your firm’s legal marketing goals.

The Big Lawyer in the Social Networking Cocktail Party

In David Meerman Scott’s book, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly” he compares the internet to a city. He notes that “Seeing the Web as a city also helps make sense of other aspects of online life. Craigslist is like the bulletin board at the entrance of the corner store; eBay, a garage sale; Amazon, a bookstore replete with patrons anxious to give you their two cents. You’ve even got the proverbial wrong-side-of-the-tracks spots via the Web’s adult-entertainment underbelly.”

He then continues to explain how social networks are like cocktail parties which is where this week’s metaphor begins. When attending a social event, you always find different people, but they can be classified in similar categories.

Can’t Hold Their Liquor

This classification of party patron can be interpreted online as the online users that talk too (more…)

Law Firms Need SEO Friendly URLs

We review of a lot of websites each week and it’s always surprising when we see URLs (website addresses) that are not SEO friendly. In 2008, Google released an official guide to search engine optimization covering the basics of what they want to see in a website. Pages 6 – 9 talk about URL structures, but many web developers are still not paying attention.

Just last week, we reviewed a website for a law firm and this particular page on the website was related to bankruptcy law.

The client’s URL was:

What Google outlined in their search engine optimization guide 2 years ago, was that they want to see relevant keyphrases in the URL. So if this was our client, this page would look like the following:

This tells Google that this subpage of the site is related to one of the keyphrases we are optimizing for “bankruptcy lawyer.” The other URL mentions “lawyer” (more…)