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Four Lawyer SEO Tips Before the Fourth of July

With the end of this week approaching the July 4th holiday, we thought we would use this as an opportunity to point out the 4 most explosive online legal marketing and search engine optimization techniques.

1) Descriptive titles – It all starts at the top. By clearly describing your law firm, region, and practice area in your website’s title tag, you are giving the search engines a clear description of your type of website. Before you copy and paste the same title tag on every page, keep in mind that every sub page on your website needs a unique descriptive title tag.

2) Blogs – Blogging is the most effective form of search engine marketing. By posting brief updates to your blog, you keep your law firm’s website fresh, relevant, and ever-growing. It also helps drive traffic to your law firm’s website by getting the blog feed listed in Google Blog Search and (more…)

Invisible Keyphrases – A Negative Online Law Firm Marketing Practice

We hoped that such a practice was buried in the mid-90’s internet graveyard but its still a problem. Blending keyphrases into your attorney website that are invisible to your readers is a technique that makes the Google Bot’s face red and will almost guarantee a delisting. However, some webmasters building attorney websites are still using this as a “search engine optimization” technique.

Unlike some search engine optimization techniques, this one is not up for interpretation. Some lawyers, acting under the advice of misinformed “SEO Specialists,” have long lists of keywords in their website’s footer that are in the same font color as their background, thus making it invisible. Such a practice will negatively effect your legal marketing goals.

The problem is so irritating to Google that they not only mention it but built a whole section on hidden links and hidden text in their webmaster guidelines center.

Google is pretty direct in the language (more…)

Blogging Your Law Firm to the Top

It seems like just yesterday the web was a static place to be. Websites were static. News feeds updated as frequently as newspapers, and search engine rankings were pretty stable for extended periods of time.

Actually, that time never existed. The web has always been dynamic and quick to change, but in recent years it has been placed on turbo and is changing second by second. What does this mean for your law firm marketing efforts? You should be blogging.

Put a Blog on Your Attorney Website

It has been our experience that secondary websites just for your legal blog are not as effective as placing a blog directly on your law firm’s website. By having a blog on your site in a “/blog/” directory, you can keep your number of pages growing, build links to your blog via social bookmarks, and syndicate your blog feed into Google Blog Search, the ABAJournal’s Blawg Directory, (more…)

Why Pay Monthly Law Firm Marketing Fees for Quarterly Service?

We spend a lot of time staying up on the legal marketing competition. A fairly common practice among our competitors is to charge monthly fees but perform services on a quarterly basis.

If you are paying a monthly service fee, shouldn’t you receive monthly services? The journey to the top of page one is not a matter of frequent attorney website tweaks or getting listed in a couple directories. You have to hit the Web aggressively and hard.

A monthly line of news releases, articles, blog entries, and links back to your site from social networks, social bookmarks, and syndicated news is how the major law firms compete on the Web. If you are waiting for a quarterly service provider to accomplish something new with your monthly fee, it may be time to explore new options.

To learn more about legal marketing, law firm marketing, and attorney websites visit or call (more…)

Practice Area Pages Help Your Online Law Firm Marketing

When putting together your law firm’s website page structure, you want to consider the best way to make the site as large as possible. The more pages of useful content on your site, the higher it will rank… but why?

Google in particular loves content. In their webmaster guidelines, they write advice like, “Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.” In their “do not” list they say, “Don’t create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.”

In fact, they even broke off a section of their guidelines just dedicated to the dangers of “Little to No Original Content.”

So it’s pretty well established, Google wants your attorney website to have content, quality content, and lots of it.

As a law firm, you are able to fulfill their wishes by simply expounding upon your practice areas. If you are a family law attorney, don’t list your (more…)

Ranking Your Law Firm Higher with Creativity – Podcast

In this podcast, Sierra Winter talks about way to make your law firm ranking higher in the search engines, creatively.

Your Law Firm Is Newsworthy

One of the core services in our legal marketing plans is getting law firms like yours into the news – not necessarily your local news or newspaper, but online news. In some ways, this is more valuable than regular news because you get to control the message in its entirety and communicate directly with your target market.

For example, if you are a business attorney in Colorado, a press release sent to the local media discussing how the right contract can avoid future litigation would probably not get picked up. However, an online news release titled, “Attorney John Smith Talks About How Contracts Help Corporations Avoid Litigation,” would reach your direct audience.

While many law firm marketing companies stick to traditional search engine optimization tactics, we often have to explain in detail how news releases are effective. During this process, attorneys often are concerned that what they do is not newsworthy.

Whether you think (more…)

Downtime Can Lower Your Law Firms Search Engine Ranking

Google puts a strong emphasis on website quality – quality content, quality navigation, quality inbound links, quality outbound links, quality, quality, quality.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that your website being up and without returning “not found” errors is an important aspect of getting and achieving a high ranking.

As Google visits your attorney website to index your new content, they look for “not found” errors caused by dead links. If your website’s server is timing out, this can cause an error and make an existing page seem non-existent. If Google gets a lot of these errors, their bot may in fact lose patience with your website which will affect your ranking.

Check on your website periodically, and make sure your law firm hosting company is working with a reliable data center that has 24/7 performance monitoring. Some downtime will always occur with hosting for server reboots, upgrade installs, etc., but frequent (more…)