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Law Firms Must be Branded to Get New Cases – Podcast

In this podcast, Sierra Winter talks about the importance of law firm branding and how it encourages new cases. Everything from logos to custom website layouts are talked about in this week’s podcast.

Can Twitter Grow Your Law Firm?

Recently, we have been investing in new ways to help our clients tap into the internet to get more cases and clients. What has always set us above the competing law firm marketing companies is our dedication to social networking as an absolute must in the search engine marketing strategy. Of course you cannot advocate social networks without talking about Twitter.

Twitter is a micro-blogging application which allows users to update a list of “followers” on various topics and happenings. The popularity of this ever changing exchange of information has even prompted Bing and Google to integrate Twitter feeds into their web search results when searching for popular topics.

The goal of is finding new ways to help our legal clients grow their law firms online, and Twitter certainly is one of those ways.

The key to successfully using Twitter doesn’t actually start on but rather your law firm’s website. In order (more…)

How the Media Can Power Your Law Firm

News and early forms of journalism can date back to biblical times when messengers were used to send information to villages and civilizations. Today, information is everywhere and the craving for more is growing.

In a matter of moments, people can be informed on what is happening in 20 different nations around the globe. Using smart phones, RSS subscriptions, podcasts, Google News and Yahoo News, people subscribe to the data they are interested in and always want to stay up-to-date.

So how can you integrate the media into your law firm marketing strategy? Start spreading the news.

What is your law firm working on right now? Are you looking for cases in certain niche areas? Do you agree or disagree with the political environments that surround your area(s) of practice? Put it in the news.

By using blogs, online newswires, and news aggregators like Google News and Yahoo News, you can take your law firm’s (more…)

Mega Firms and Suburban Lawyers Get New Legal Marketing Options

Here at the lab, we have been working on new plans to help a more diverse group of law firms market themselves online.

Ok, we don’t really have a “lab”, but we do have a few people who monitor search engine optimization trends and come up with new ways to effectively get traffic to our client’s websites.

In fact, getting traffic is what these new plans are all about. Search engine optimization is one very important part of online marketing. But what about clients you are not getting from social networks? What about the people you could reach through Google News and Yahoo News that may otherwise not search for an attorney but still need one?

That is where the new group of law firm marketing plans fill the void. We have created new affordable legal marketing plans that offer the basics for small firms and we pumped up our higher level marketing (more…)

Hocus Pocus Legal SEO

With a title like this, we really wanted to wait until Halloween but unfortunately, scary lawyer search engine optimization tactics are marketed year round.

Many lawyers that come to us in search of a quality law firm marketing partner often serenade us with stories and legends from their quest. By this point, I would like to believe we have heard it all, but the sad reality is that there is plenty more to come.

The object of search engine optimization is to reach local clientele who are in need of legal counsel in your practice area. It’s a pretty simple concept but getting ranked on the first page in many metro areas requires a lot of work. Google basically is looking for a short list of items.

1) Quality website – An attorney website that is easy to navigate by both human users and the Googlebot.

2) Quality content – A useful website contributes something (more…)

Communicating with Potential Clients with Color – Part II

In this follow up podcast on communicating with color, Sierra Winter talks about other practice areas and what colors best define a law firm attracting various markets.