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How Law Firms Can Use Twitter

We have been critical of Twitter in the past, but the fact is Twitter drives traffic. To effectively use it, you need content to which people will be sent. Doing a “tweet” that gives personal updates like “I’m at a restaurant,” or “Driving on interstate,” or “In a small accident from tweeting on the interstate” will not drive traffic to your website or blog.

To fully utilize Twitter, you must first get familiar with a URL shortener. You will need this to stay within Twitters 140 character limit. is one of easiest to use and it’s free. Just go to and paste your long URL in the box. It generates a new one that looks like this, and takes up less space in your tweet.

Write a blog entry on your website’s blog or social network blog. For example, a family law attorney can write a blog entry outlining some (more…)

A New Way to Market Your Law Firm

The Internet gives law firms many opportunities to market themselves in much more affordable ways than traditional print, television and radio. In fact, even paying an online law firm marketing company to take care of everything for you can generally cost less than using a less effective Yellow Pages advertisement.

Due to hectic schedules, most lawyers do not have the time to fully handle their online marketing efforts, but we have a few tips and tools that can easily be squeezed into a heavy schedule.

Social Networking

Social networks are quickly becoming the backbone of search engine optimization. It’s theorized that search engines are looking at links being posted through social networks to gage popularity. But aside from that, social networks have an audience. If you post content on a blog on your website (which should be done) you will be reaching out to the audience of people who find it on Google blog (more…)

Your Law Firm’s Website Activity

If your law firm has a website as a part of its online legal marketing strategy, chances are it’s getting traffic every day. The value and volume of the traffic are things that need to be improved through search engine optimization, but this article is more about knowing what’s going on with your website’s activity.

When you go to a store, most major retail outlets have sensors at the doorway. You probably overlook them, but they are certainly watching you. Every time someone walks in and out, a system tracks the activity to see how popular the branch is. Consultants are often brought in to monitor shopping habits from the cameras in the ceiling to figure out new ways to attract shoppers to high profit items.

Fortunately, getting statistics about your website is a little easier but certainly no less valuable. What keywords or referring sites are getting people to come to your (more…)

Simplicity Meets Law Firm SEO

An exciting part of what we do is designing new websites and re-branding law firms. It’s a lot of fun. It’s in this area of law firm marketing that we get to be the most creative as we strive to exceed what we’ve done in the past.

In our Tampa office, we have a constant arm wrestling tournament between the designers and the search engine optimization and writing team. The designers want clean designs, a few crisp images, and “Apple like” simplicity. The search engine optimization group is also a big fan of simplicity, but not so much with images; they want text.

The result is always a clean design with adequate room for plain text to be optimized, though text placement is something done by the designers with an almost querulous tone. Ultimately both sides are pleased and the client is always happy with the end product.

Does it have to be a (more…)

What Makes a Good Lawyer Blog Entry

When blogging, many are concerned about making their blog entries too long or too short. Are their standards to blogging on your own website?

While your onsite blog may not have a built-in character minimum/maximum, it generally is a good idea to at least complete a thought in 1-2 paragraphs. If you are just announcing a new page on your site, a Twitter announcement of “Just adding new site, see…” may be more appropriate. The value of your blog is in the content it provides.

So while you don’t need to write a full page (though there is nothing wrong with that) you do need at least 1-2 paragraphs to maintain a level of quality within your blog.

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Why Some Law Firms Rank Higher

Frequently, prospective clients will ask us why a particular lawyer or law firm in their area or local association is ranked high on the first page. It is a legitimate question – the best way to start marketing your law firm online is to find out who your competitors are.

Over the years, here are some of the reasons we have discovered.


Most commonly, the cause of the high ranking over a law firm that is new to marketing online is due to the competing firm having a more established presence on the Internet. Law firms that have had an active website for 3-5 years have an advantage over newer sites.


A little attention from the media helps your search engine optimization. Sometimes, law firms that maintain strong relationships with their local news organizations get a boost in their ranking. When a news outlet writes an article in their paper or reports a story (more…)