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SEO Myths of Law Firm Marketing

When a law firm embarks on a journey to discover how to get new cases on the Internet, the road is often met with confusion and contradiction. One “expert” will talk about links, another about using directories, another may say that content is all that matters.

Here are a few frequently propagated myths:

One Link Theory

The one link theory suggests that your website only needs one very high quality website linking to it, to get credibility in Google Search and other search engines. Online law firm marketing takes slightly more work. This theory goes against the very core of the PageRank algorithm which uses multiple links from third party websites to determine quality and relevance.

The one link theory is often pushed by legal marketing companies that only have a directory linking to their clients’ sites and do not offer monthly services like writing, distribution, link building from third party sites, social networking (more…)

Is Your Law Firm Optimized for the Wrong Keyphrase?

A very common trick among law firm marketing companies is to optimize an attorney’s website for easy to achieve keyphrases that are not very popular.

For example, if your office is in Decatur, Georgia, and your practice area is divorce and family law, they may optimize your website for a term like “Decatur Divorce Attorney.” What they may not tell you is that only 320 searches are conducted on Google each month for Decatur divorce attorney.

If you optimized for Atlanta divorce attorney (just 7 miles away), the search volume goes up to 2,400 searches a month on Google (data provided by Adwords).

While a series of overnight page one rankings may look good in a law firm marketing company’s portfolio, getting a law firm ranked on the first page for a popular term is far more important.

Did you know that most people living in suburban areas search with keywords using their closest metro (more…)

New Cases from Law Firm Marketing with Social Networking

There is a lot more to social networking than connecting with old college buddies and annoying surveys; there is a lot of business to be done in these virtual communities.

To successfully integrate social networks into your law firm marketing strategy, you need to begin by knowing what to look for. Websites like MySpace have a very young market and will probably not be the best place to start.

When selecting a social network, you should look for one very important feature: a hosted blog. While some business social networks may be built for professionals, with a hosted blog you won’t get an opportunity to fully show off your expertise and attract other members.

The other very important benefit of a hosted blog within a business social network is its ability to build links back to your law firm’s website. This will drive traffic to your website while increasing the number of inbound links (more…)

This Year’s Attorney SEO Strategy

Last week we talked about the benefits of having a website that can work with your offline law firm marketing efforts. These benefits included building credibility by showing case examples and client testimonials* things that cannot be done on a billboard.

But the most important value of a website is its ability to work as the center of your online law firm marketing strategy.

Two things have to happen to make an attorney website successful. Number one, when someone types in your region and practice area, your law firm’s website needs to be on the first page of the search results. This is achieved with article publishing, inbound links, social networking, and blogging. With a little time investment, hard work from your SEO company, and a consistent number of new inbound links pointing to your firm’s website from other websites, your website should be easy to find by prospective clients.

So now that the (more…)

The 2010 Law Firm Marketing Strategy

The beginning of the year is a time when many law firms are planning their annual law firm marketing strategy. Getting new cases is, of course, what will determine this year’s success.

A common deliberation in firms of all sizes is whether to continue old marketing practices that are offering limited returns or to pursue newer marketing avenues like search engine optimization and online law firm marketing.

If it’s decided to utilize web design and search engine optimization, should a firm drop their Yellow Page ads or downsize with plans of fazing out?

In comparing online media with traditional media we will start with the website. The website holds a unique power in that it can be a stand-alone marketing strategy as well as a complimentary piece to your offline marketing. For example, a billboard with your website address on it could prove to convert a passersby to a new client, who would have (more…)