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The Time Element in Law Firm Marketing

Each week, we talk about the two most important parts of search engine optimization: onsite optimization (design, navigation, etc.) and inbound link building. No doubt, these are the most important items required to get your law firm’s website ranked highly on the first page of Google.

However, there is one element that is often overlooked when evaluating your competition. That element is time.

Recently when doing a competitive analysis for a client, we ran across an interesting find. The website ranked number one on the first page of Google was just awful. While they did have keyphrases present in the right areas, they were using frames, the website looked different in various web browsers, and the navigation was complicated for both users and the search engine bots.

So why were they at the top of page one? When looking at web archives, we noticed that this particular website went live in 1995. With almost (more…)

A New Attorney Website for the New Year

To improve your law firm’s ranking and to get the most out of your online law firm marketing investment for the upcoming year, you may need a new website design; or possibly, not just a new website but an entire new brand.

Branding is crucial for any business and law firms are no different. Multiple case studies show that utilizing a branding effort will convert better across all advertising medias because a strong brand gives the target client base an image to remember. By building a professional website and strong brand, you set your law firm above the competition and help your image stand out to your target client base.

When a person or company is in need of representation, they are bombarded with websites, billboards and logos of other law firms that use the scales of justice and gavels. If you want your law firm to really stand out, a generic logo (more…)