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What Your Law Firm Website Says About Your Firm

Would a personal injury lawyer use a corporate design for their phone book ad? Would a divorce attorney use an ambulance on their billboard? And would a corporate attorney have an image of a family in crisis? You probably know the answers.

All marketing literature from print to mass media to the web must be properly branded to your practice area. This is very basic. However, many law firms try to cut costs with their online law firm marketing efforts by using templates for their website.

The problem with template designs is that they are oftentimes designed around generic ideas. For example, if a designer is trying to sell their cookie cutter template to as many attorneys as possible, they are going to make it suitable for common ideas. So you will have a gavel, a serious looking professional in a suit, and nine times out of ten, the United States Capitol Building.

However, (more…)

Moving and Shaking Your Law Firm to the Top

At the center of online law firm marketing is search engine optimization. While some less scrupulous search engine optimization companies may give promises of overnight success, the rise to the top requires a little time investment.

Websites that rank highly in Google and other search engines do so because of their clear design, navigation, sometimes age, and the quality of their website.

Search engines want to deliver the highest quality results to their search audience. Google claimed market share from competing search engines like Yahoo and Altavista by writing an algorithm that assessed a quality score to every website and ranked them accordingly. The result, a search engine that displayed top quality search results.

Of course by doing so, they raised the standards of website development and search engine optimization and made it a little harder to get to the top.

In most moderately competitive markets, rankings move up in a “two steps forward, one (more…)

Your Law Firm Can Compete with Older Websites

One of the best things we get to do on a daily basis is talk to lawyers from all across the country from law firms of all sizes. It is through this daily interaction that we learn about the concerns of attorneys in their pursuit of online marketing strategies that work.

A major concern with many firms is whether or not they can compete, since they are coming into the online market much later than firms that may have established a web presence well over a decade ago.

While it will not happen overnight, your law firm can compete in the search engines.

When ranking a website, Google looks at two primary elements: your website and the number of quality links coming into your website. The advantage that law firms have – that started many years ago – is simply their inbound link population.

As your website exists, serves visitors and is referenced in third (more…)

How Large Law Firms Get Web Traffic

We recently did some research on some of America’s largest law firms to see what they do to get traffic from the web. So we picked a few of the firms from the nation’s top 250 largest law firms. Basically, these firms are becoming content machines.

First, we looked at the largest law firm in the country, DLA Piper. On most of their practice areas (on their website referred to as global services) they have a list of publications separated from the news. From an SEO perspective, what we found most fascinating is that their website has a horrible URL structure (i.e. but their publications have neat SEO friendly URL (i.e. Remember, the structure of your URL plays a huge role in how Google favors your website.

Baker & McKenzie (the second largest firm) was our favorite. Separate from news, they have published a massive number of articles on their site (more…)