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Immediate Traffic from Online Law Firm Marketing

Unlike other legal marketing and search engine optimization companies, we like to express an honest expectation of how search engine optimization works. The search engine optimization process is progressive, which means a newly optimized website will gradually make its way to the first page of Google for its related search terms.

So at first your attorney website may rank on page 5 (shortly after the SEO re-indexing) then it will work its way to page 3, then 2, and then ultimately to the first page.

So does that mean you are not going to see results for months? Not at all. Utilizing a series of traffic sources is what gets you to the first page.

You have two main elements of search engine optimization: onsite relevance and third party websites linking to your law firm’s website. The inbound links build credibility for your website, thus resulting in a high ranking.

What are the traffic sources?

Newswires (more…)

Optimizing Your Existing Attorney Website

As the web standards change, your website may become an obsolete part of your law firm marketing effort. However, not all attorney websites are over the hill. You may in fact own a search engine friendly website that just needs a few modifications.

Here is a checklist to determine whether or not you need to upgrade your site’s design.

Format – Is your website written in HTML, ASP or ASPX, PHP, or CFM (Coldfusion)? If it is written in something other than HTML, is there a content management system that allows you to edit online? Many older content management systems are not SEO friendly. If you are using a program that is sub-hosted by a service provider, chances are, it is also not SEO friendly. However, if your website is in HTML and has a fairly modern design, you can probably get away with doing search engine optimization on your existing site without (more…)

Good Law Firm Websites Rank Number One

As new methods of online law firm marketing surface and existing forms get enhanced, it’s important to notice another change in the webosphere. Things are getting prettier.

Sometimes we like taking a trip down memory lane and looking at the exhibits of yesteryear. First stop, the museum of website design. In 1990, an application was introduced called the WorldWideWeb Browser. It just so happened to also be an editor. You can see a screenshot of this masterful work at

The concept was simple. A website was little more than a bunch of textual pages linked together. A few pages of content, some links to other similar content, and tada, you have a website. Was it built for conversion and optimized for the 20 nonstandard search engines? Probably not. But it was a website and it laid the foundation for the Internet we now have.

Nearly twenty years ago, there was much fascination (more…)

Your Law Firm’s Website is the New Marble Floor

Upgrading your law firm’s design could possibly upgrade your website’s performance. Imagine for a moment that you are shopping online for an item. You use the usual methods to find websites that are selling the very item you need or want.

Finally, you stumble across two sites – they both have the same product, but one is more expensive than the other. The more expensive item is offered on a nice website that has a professional design, easy to navigate menu, and even has an intuitive checkout process. The site offers clear images of the product, even multiple angles and comments from other buyers.

You could save ten to fifteen percent if you buy from the second website. This website has random moving objects that are distracting. The bright green text is placed atop a black background making it difficult to read. And while the website assures you that you can purchase online, (more…)