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Thirteen Year Legal Marketing Advantage

When performing a search engine optimization analysis for a new legal client, we ran across a competing law firm whose website had been online since 1996. The website was ranked number one and it appears it will stay that way indefinitely.

Thirteen years…

The Internet has been used commercially since the early nineties and began trickling into homes around the world in 1992 (although it originally went live in 1969 as a U.S. Department of Defense project called ARPANET).

Four years after the Prodigies and AOLs started making their irritating fax machine noises on computers everywhere, this one competing law firm purchased a domain name and set up a website.

Today, that firm has thirteen years of links to it. Some of those links are as old as the website itself. The result of this thirteen year old investment (which the attorney was most certainly mocked for doing when he originally purchased the site) now (more…)

Law Firm Marketing and Content Management Systems

We hope we have provided useful information as we have shown you how writing articles is a valuable way to build links to your law firm’s website. Truly, there is no better or more ethical way to link to your site.

The other side of search engine optimization, however, deals with your actual website. Items such as the platform in which your site is written, or your hosting environment, is basically what your law firm’s website is sitting on.

The biggest hindering factor in search engine marketing is a website that uses a content management system that is not SEO friendly. Are you unsure if you use a content management system? If you are able to login online and make changes to your firm’s website content, then you are using a content management system.

Not all content management systems are bad. In fact, many of them have built-in, search engine friendly URL’s and other (more…)

Building Links for Law Firm Marketing

How to Write Legal SEO Articles – Part III

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about writing articles that drive new cases to your law firm’s website. The first step was writing a title and summary that sparks interest while utilizing your keyphrases.

The second step was writing an interesting article without using your name or law firm’s name in the body of the article.

With the body of the article not allowing you to include your name, law firm name, or website, you may be wondering how this is going to help build links to your website. The solution? It’s all in the footer.

Article directories allow you to submit your content with an “author credit” in the footer. This is where you attribute the article to your name, law firm, and link back to your website.

We have been using a fictitious Boston law firm called Smith & White, a (more…)

Writing Legal Marketing Articles that Get Cases

Last time, we talked about the importance of writing articles, how to utilize your keyphrases in your title, and a two sentence summary.

Articles are used to share information with Internet users while building back-links to your law firm’s website. They are a crucial part of your legal marketing strategy.

When writing your articles, you should know a few important things.

1) You may not use your law firm’s name, your personal name, or references to yourself in a manner such as “us,” “we,” or “I.”
2) Articles are to be informative. They should provide direction to your users.

It’s OK to encourage readers to use an attorney, but you cannot in the body of the article reference your own firm.

Last week, we built a title and summary around a fictional Boston attorney that specializes in divorce.

Title: Boston Divorce Petitioners May Face Delays

Summary: Are you filing for marriage dissolution in Massachusetts without a Boston divorce lawyer? (more…)