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Building Your Law Firm’s Web Content

A common misconception is that Google wants to see a website always changing. For a website like CNN, your newspaper, or an active blog, that’s alright because they don’t focus on any one set of keyphrases. Their traffic comes from the keyphrases in their articles.

However, your law firm website is different. As a crucial part of your legal marketing effort, your website has a set of keyphrases for which you want to achieve first page placement. If you constantly change your website titles, headers and on-site page content, your website may appear to be more unstable than dynamic.

Unstable is not attractive. However, dynamic is a good thing.

The key is having a balance. The best way to achieve this balance is with a blog and an RSS feed. By regularly posting blog entries to your onsite blog, your legal website will always be growing with new pages generated from your blog entries. The larger your website, the higher quality it looks. That, of course, is assuming the content is of good quality.

By using an RSS feed, you can display the blog entries on your home page and sub pages. The feed will update each time you post a new blog entry.

A good example of this can be found on our website at The content you see in the right column of the website is coming from our blog and is automatically posted on the side whenever we post a new blog entry.

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