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Making the Phone Ring with Law Firm Marketing

When talking about online legal marketing, we put a lot of focus on the search engine optimization: your law firm’s Google ranking and the ability to be found. However, if your website comes up on the first page of a search result, does that mean you have a new client?

The obvious answer is no. You still have to convince the person that your law firm is the best choice for their case. In short, you have to make the phone ring.

The first element of conversion is design. Your law firm website needs to look professional. That means a clean design and easy navigation for both search engine bots and users. If your website has valuable content but it’s not in a professional design, chances are your visitors will click away before reading your content.

Your professional website design will encourage visitors to read your content. Your website’s content needs to consist of (more…)

Legal Marketing – More Cases with More Content

If your law firm’s website has some strong inbound links, a lot of strong useful content, and is for the most part, search engine optimized, here is one element that may be keeping your site from ranking higher in the search engines: the length of your home page.

Google, in particular, loves heavy websites that have a lot of useful content. They also put a lot of emphasis on your home page when ranking your website. Therefore, it is your home page that will make the most impact with your online legal marketing strategy.

When asked to find out why a website is not on the first page when it appears to be optimized and have a solid inbound link base, the majority of the time we find that the home page simply needs to be longer.

If you are currently in that situation, try extending your home page. A good home page should (more…)

Your Law Firm Website with Flash Can Be SEO Friendly

Sometimes a website needs something extra – a little movement, excitement, or an all out attention grabber. This can be easily accomplished with Adobe Flash, a program that makes objects move, fade and slide. However, on the flip side, can Flash on your law firm’s website actually keep it from ranking on the first page?

Flash Working with SEO

You can use Flash on your website without hurting your legal marketing and search engine optimization effort if you use it correctly. The only problem with Flash is that none of its content can be read by the search engine. So when you add Flash to your website, you are immediately taking away from your website’s textual real estate with something that offers no content value; however, that is OK in small doses. If you have a header that slides a few pictures across and has your slogan on display, it will NOT affect (more…)

Building Your Law Firm’s Web Content

A common misconception is that Google wants to see a website always changing. For a website like CNN, your newspaper, or an active blog, that’s alright because they don’t focus on any one set of keyphrases. Their traffic comes from the keyphrases in their articles.

However, your law firm website is different. As a crucial part of your legal marketing effort, your website has a set of keyphrases for which you want to achieve first page placement. If you constantly change your website titles, headers and on-site page content, your website may appear to be more unstable than dynamic.

Unstable is not attractive. However, dynamic is a good thing.

The key is having a balance. The best way to achieve this balance is with a blog and an RSS feed. By regularly posting blog entries to your onsite blog, your legal website will always be growing with new pages generated from your blog entries. (more…)