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Why Your Legal Marketing Is Failing

There are many reasons why a law firm’s website may not be getting visitors or converting visitors to new cases. Conversion is a law firm web design problem. If the information your visitors see is not attractive or does not encourage them to contact your law firm, you should consider a redesign.

When attempting to attract visitors to your website, the number one cause of failure is inconsistency. As I mentioned in the last week’s Law Firm Marketing Weekly, consistency is the key to a successful search engine marketing campaign.

Writing an occasional article or press release every 3-4 months is simply not enough. On a monthly and sometimes weekly basis, you need new content on the web in blogs, social networks, newswires, articles, resources, and directories. It is an ongoing process with search engine optimization success in the near distance.

So, if your website is not bringing in new cases, the problem may (more…)

Legal Marketing Plans Can be Set Back by Content Management Systems

A lot of attorneys enjoy a content management system (online website editor) because it allows them or members of their staff to make changes to their website without having any programming or design knowledge. An online content management system also makes it convenient to edit a law firm website because it requires no additional software.

In the past, content management systems have forced people to trade convenience for search engine optimization friendliness. Is this still true?

Yes! Your law firm’s content management system might be keeping you down.

Some content management systems (even those sold by other legal marketing companies) are not search engine optimization friendly. How can you tell?

In Google’s official search engine optimization guide, released in November of 2008, they speak about the importance of clean URL structures. Most content management systems do not have search engine friendly URLs.

For example, if your website’s subpage is on “divorce law”, a not so SEO (more…)

Is Your Law Firm Disconnected from Your Target Client?

Many lawyers and law firms fail to connect with their target audience. Connecting with your target client base is absolutely vital in converting your legal marketing dollars to new cases. But what exactly does connecting mean?

When talking about legal marketing, connecting means being found and communicating with your target audience.

Being Found
When someone is looking for an attorney in your area, your law firm’s website needs to be on the first page of the major search engines. Especially Google which gets more than 70% of online search queries.

After someone finds your law firm and clicks on your website, now is your opportunity to truly connect with your visitor.

Subconscious and Intellectual Connections
Legal branding is all about the client making a subconscious connection with your law firm. When someone is seeking an attorney, in most cases, they are in a stressful time in their life and the last thing they will connect with is (more…)

Your Law Firm This time Next Year

Each year, some of us day dream about where we will be next New Year’s eve. That is also a good time to ponder on where you have been. What decisions were made that helped your law firm grow and get new cases in the previous year? Even more importantly, what is eating your marketing budget and offering little to no return?

It’s probably your web site.

A law firm web site that is not properly designed and optimized will act as dead weight to your firm rather than a solid marketing tool. Older web sites without proper design and navigational flow may actually be repelling new cases rather than attracting them.

Just because you offer a form, doesn’t mean anyone will fill it out. Your law firm’s web site quality needs to instill confidence in your future clients.

Once your web site is live, properly designed, and functional, you need to be found. Search (more…)