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Article Marketing

Articles position your law firm as an authority in your practice areas, and are an essential part of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Our writing team produces quality, engaging, fresh article ideas for you and your firm every month.

Law Firm Article MarketingArticle writing takes time, and oftentimes as a lawyer you are busy with court cases, briefs, and client meetings. There is little time left to write articles. You might also find it hard to write about the interesting details of your firm, or have the energy to research for the latest article ideas. The SEO | Law Firm writing team takes the stress out of article writing so that you can focus on running your company. Our writers focus their efforts on quality research, writing, and editing every day.

Our writing team is dedicated to thorough research, original content, and involving you in the process as much as you see fit.

Google favors websites that produce new content, and this is the core of SEO | Law Firm’s article marketing strategy. SEO | Law Firm submits your approved articles to 15+ article directories that have wide syndication. This keeps an active stream of professional, unique content going to your website, and will proactively lead visitors to you as well. Every article will include a paragraph about your firm, your contact information and website, and other aspects that will increase awareness of you and your law practice.

Many article directories have thousands of viewers searching for information at any given time. Readers will take action when they have a legal need, refer your firm to friends and family, and oftentimes it can lead to other lawyers consulting your firm for their or a client’s particular legal matter. Your content will compel the audience to Tweet about it, post it on their Facebook wall, or click on the Google +1 button on your website. You will reach a wider audience, and play an active role in your legal niche by utilizing articles to take your SEO campaign to new heights. Over time, this will give your firm long-term benefits and progressive ranking enhancements in search engines.

Article Writing for the Busy Lawyer

Every month, our writers will highlight your practice area, dig into the finer points of what makes your firm unique, and give the reader a call to action. Articles are your opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise. SEO | Law Firm’s premier article writing services will capture your work and reflect your personality and legal acumen. All content is timely, speaks to what real-world clients are dealing with in their legal matters, and features how your firm is the go-to authority in your city and region. A key part of this is informing readers about information they might not have known had they not read your article. Content will stay compelling as our writers craft an article on the latest judicial rulings, legislation, how-to articles, and newsworthy features.

Content written by SEO | Law Firm’s writing team is guaranteed to be original and on time. Our writers will use the most sought-after keywords for your firm and targeted titles to increase your audience and SEO. Our writing team is governed by a Zero Tolerance Plagiarism Policy. We endorse and encourage the use of Copyscape to verify article originality.

Our standard writing package includes two articles every month for your law firm. Optional larger packages are available, and we are well suited to take on as many articles as your firm would like to have distributed. SEO | Law Firm will set you apart from the competition and hook an audience with original, monthly articles. Our web-friendly, compelling content will make your firm a trusted resource to the public and many diverse search engines. You will get maximum exposure for your marketing dollars.