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Large Law Firm Marketing

Large law firm marketing plans

Custom plans. National Fly-In service. How large law firms get bigger.

How Large Law Firms Get Bigger

America’s largest law firms have unique online legal marketing needs that set them apart from smaller firms. With offices all across the country, lawyers in every major metro area and oftentimes a diverse menu of practice areas, find that an out-of-the-box legal marketing solution is not going to work.

  • You need a custom marketing plan.
  • You need personal attention.
  • You need

If your law firm has over 50 attorneys and has offices in more in than one state, our large firm legal marketing solutions will allow you to compete with the litigating giants that have a head start on internet marketing.

Custom Large Firm Legal Marketing Plans will assign your firm an account manager from day one. They will sit down with your company’s partners and marketing representatives to learn about your law firm’s goals, what has been done in the past, changes at the firm, target audience, and historical information about the firm that will assist them in creating a marketing plan that makes sense.

When a law firm has more than 50 attorneys and offices in more than one state, their needs are different. We understand that. As specialists in law firm marketing, has worked with firms from starting attorneys to growing law firms, and we know what it takes to compete online.

Personal Fly-In Service

Fly-In Law Firm Marketing ManagerOur preliminary phone call to discuss our programs and what we can do is absolutely free with no obligation. When it’s time to put together your custom strategy and proposal, we send our dedicated account manager to your office. We have a minimal flat rate personal consultation fee for anywhere in the continental United States (additional charges apply for Alaska and Hawaii; reduced fee for most regions in Florida).

Not only are we there in the beginning, but throughout the year as your marketing plan progresses, we include in-office meetings to discuss the progress of your law firm marketing plan and make adjustments to change with your environment.

Content Driven Legal Marketing Success

Our goal is make your law firm’s website a resource for your target audience and make it found in the most popular search engines.

  • Get web traffic.
  • Get media attention.
  • Get new cases.

The formula is very simple: aggressively executed marketing – legal research, collaboration with your firm, and detail oriented literary craftsmanship that produces content quality that communicates to your clientele.

Our highly trained team of writers, editors, social networking specialists, bloggers, and our media distribution partners are focused on your large law firm’s success and committed to quality.

Marketing Your Firm with Podcasts

The new way to think about online law firm marketing is by thinking content and new media. Content is not just for text – content is video, audio, imagery, news releases, and anything that spreads the word about your law firm and drives new cases to your office.’s Podcast Program can produce your law firm’s podcast in iTunes and other podcast directories. Podcast are like small radio programs where you control your message and content. Our voice talents can develop professional intros, closings and commercials. We can also do the whole show in a question and answer fashion or give your firm a toll free number to call in a monologue.

Podcasts are an increasingly popular way to market your firm, but it’s important to do so professionally to maintain the quality of your law firm’s brand.

Disappointment is not an option. Only success.

Your law firm has come too far to work with a franchise marketing group, cookie cutter provider, or an ad agency that focuses solely on their bottom line. Only will take the time and do research for your law firm’s market to make sure your marketing plan starts off on the right path and continues to evolve.