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Elder Law

Communicate with your target clientèle, don’t just advertise to them. In the content-focused world of Internet marketing, people want to learn about elder law and estate planning, not just see an advertisement. Are your online law firm marketing efforts making a connection with your clients?

Your market has changed and your marketing has to change with it. Just ten years ago, many elder law and estate planning attorneys turned a blind eye to their website and search engine optimization. Why invest in an advertising medium that your target market isn’t avidly using? Times have certainly changed and your clients are looking for you online.

Your Target Market is Online

Aging Americans are becoming one of the fastest growing segments of online users. Between 2004 and 2009, the number of senior citizens using the Internet grew 55% according to a Nielsen report.

According to a report by, Facebook saw an increase of 55 and older users of 1,448% between 2008 and 2010 or about 14.8 million.

As the offspring of elderly Americans becomes more aware of the importance of elder law and estate planning, your marketing efforts must reach out to this younger audience that is not only on social networks but is replacing their computers with smartphones and tablets.

Elder Law Website Design That Makes a Connection

Your website should prompt users to contact your firm.

Your website has to be easy to navigate with an intuitive design. It also has to look great! Having valuable content and resources isn’t enough, today you have to have a design that says “I am a leader in elder law” without having to say it.

The quality of your website and a professional feel is as important as your office setting. You more than likely wouldn’t lay towels on the floor in place of a high quality rug. Or serve instant coffee instead of freshly brewed coffee and tea when clients meet in your office. When your website is out of date or treated as a weekend hobby, it hurts your firm’s image.

When someone goes to your website, you are making the first impression on them. Is your firm image online organized, competent, and a resource of information or is it scattered, difficult to navigate, and unconcerned with details?

Look your best, convert visitors into new cases and build a bigger law firm.

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Elder Law Attorney SEO

Marketing Plans for Elder Law Attorneys Include:

  • Custom Website Design
  • Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad compatible interfaces
  • Easy to use website manager
  • Social networking
  • Blog marketing
  • Monthly content writing
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Onsite quality monitoring
  • Website statistics
  • A team of experts that works closely with your firm to help it grow.

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