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Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor advertising is a growing and evolving method of reaching potential clients. It is easy to dismiss outdoor marketing, one of the oldest tools in the marketing trade, as firms move increasingly toward online marketing strategies. However, outdoor advertising is an expanding advertising medium. New technologies continue to help bring costs down and impact up.

Outdoor Law Firm Marketing is more than just a billboard

Billboards are the most commonly recognized form of outdoor marketing, but not the only one. Outdoor advertising includes billboards, posters, transit shelter signs, airport advertising, bus and subway advertising, and more.

Outdoor marketing provides an audience for your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the only type of advertising that does not rely on people choosing to bring it into their homes. Outdoor marketing goes where your potential clients are and becomes a part of the landscape of their everyday lives. People can turn off a radio, close a phone book or fast-forward through television ads, but outdoor advertising gives you constant exposure. Given the myriad types of outdoor advertising available, you have great potential to reach a specific audience – your clients.

Digital billboards, posters and displays continue to bring a new dimension to outdoor advertising. With the spread of digital outdoor space, attorneys are no longer limited to one ad that runs weeks or months. Billboards no longer have to be reprinted and rewrapped when they need to be updated. You can buy space on a digital billboard that rotates ads to help maximize your ad budget. We can help your firm take advantage of the wide variety of outdoor marketing options.

Advantages of Attorney Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor advertising provides a variety of advantages, including:

1. Affordability: Reach a wide audience at a low cost.
Pricing for outdoor advertising is measured in CPM, or cost per thousand impressions. In order to calculate the CPM, divide the total cost of the advertising package by the estimated number of impressions, and multiply that by 1000. In many cases, even on a crowded freeway, the CPM for outdoor advertising can be half as much as a radio spot and less than a fifth of the cost of a print ad.

2. Exposure and frequency: Your firm’s presence is seen every day, over and over.
The more people see your firm, the more likely they are to think of you when they need help.

3. Targeting: Advertise where you want people to see you most.
With all of the options for outdoor advertising, you can choose exactly what demographic you want to see your ads and in what manner. Advertise where your potential clients live and work.

4. Captive audience: Display your message without editorial distraction.
Outdoor marketing does not have to compete with other content, like articles or another firm’s advertisements in the case of yellow page ads. Your message stands alone and distinct.

5. Impact: Stand out, get attention and get more calls.
The size and frequency of outdoor advertising provides the opportunity to create real attention grabbing graphics and messaging that people will remember.

6. Branding: Enhance your firm’s current marketing efforts.
Outdoor advertising works the best when it is coupled with an overall branding strategy.

Outdoor advertisements should be eye-catching, in a positive way, and consistent with your firm’s brand. The right choice of graphics, coupled with a simple message, can convey a level of professionalism that becomes recognized throughout the community. A good outdoor marketing campaign can help introduce your firm to the market or function as an extension of current online, television or radio branding efforts. A strategically designed and placed billboard can mean new calls and new clients.

We know how to do outdoor advertising right. If you are going to invest your firm’s resources to expand your market reach, you deserve to work with a company who understands what will make your outdoor advertising campaign effective. We will work with you to create an outdoor marketing campaign that brings potential clients to your firm.