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Internet Activist’s Death Prompts Scrutiny of Computer Hacking Laws

By Ryan Conley, staff writer – January 24, 2013 The online world is reeling from the suicide of an Internet pioneer and political activist, and his death may result in significant changes to federal anti-hacking laws. Aaron Swartz, who took his own life on January 11, 2013, at the age of 26, was a co-creator […]

Live Online TV for Pennies a Day May Not be Copyright Infringement

By Kerrie Spencer, staff writer – January 16, 2013 The television and broadcast industry is being affected by a number of technological trends; one of the largest is the proliferation and popularization of online streaming of TV shows. Internet companies offering viewers the ability inexpensively watch television shows online constitutes an enormous challenge to satellite […]

Whether Tragedy Will Lead to Change in Gun Laws Remains to Be Seen

By Brendan Conley, staff writer – January 10, 2013 As 2012 drew to a close, Americans were still reeling from the tragic shooting deaths of 26 people, 20 of them children, in Newtown, Connecticut. In the new year, as the 113th Congress introduced a flurry of gun-related bills and a newly-reelected President promised swift action, […]

Brave New Worlds – Who Owns Outer Space?

By Barbara Atkinson, staff writer – December 18, 2012 While our civilization has developed the technology to explore the outer reaches of space, our legal framework for space exploration, space enterprise and space economics has yet to catch up. Progress continues to be made in space technology, from the now long-ago landing on the Moon […]

Raising Medicare Eligibility Age for Fiscal Cliff Deal Could Be Costly

By Kristen Friend, staff writer – December 12, 2012. President Obama and House Speaker Boehner met privately on Sunday to discuss a deal aimed at addressing a series of expiring tax breaks and mandatory spending cuts, dubbed the “fiscal cliff,” scheduled to begin next month. Since Sunday, both parties have advanced new proposals. The President […]

Textbook Copyright Case Questions the Nature of Ownership

By Ryan Conley, staff writer – December 6, 2012 The US Supreme Court is expected to rule early next year on a pivotal intellectual property case between a textbook publisher and a college student who profited from reselling textbooks purchased cheaply abroad. The case could fundamentally change what it means to purchase a copyrighted work. […]

Google May Face Lawsuits Over Accusations of Unfair Practices

By Kerrie Spencer, staff writer – November 27, 2012 Google may soon be juggling multiple lawsuits, as the debate over whether the company uses its size to illegally squelch competition becomes increasingly heated. Google is currently in talks with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), after the agency indicated it was leaning in favor of suing […]